This instance is used only for demonstration purposes. Do NOT use to build services on top of it.

Wikidata Trifid

This instance demonstrates our Zazuko Trifid Linked Data Server and Proxy based on Wikidata SPARQL Endpoint.

You can browse Wikidata entries in its pure RDF form. This helps understanding the pure RDF view of Wikidata. The official HTML view of a Wikidata entry looks different for design reasons, see the documentation about the RDF Dump Format.


You can browse every entry in Wikidata:


Trifid and in particular our upcoming Hydra View component can be used to wrap any SPARQL query into a simple REST API. In this example you can browse space probes in Wikipedia via REST. Just click on the link and follow your nose!

You can find the code for this page at Github. Trifid and Hydra View are Open Source Software. Contact us for commercial support.

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